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Course Design

Must Consider:

Layout of the land
Terrain - flat, hilly, woods
Type of soil, wet/dry
Natural obstacles
Lighting, Shadows
Type of Jumps
Order of Jumps
Difficulty of Jumps
Acres available
Will paths cross
Length of course
John's many years of bringing horses up through the levels have given him a good feel for the types of jumps for each level, as well as, the ordering of the jumps so that they encourage and educate the horse. He also designs his courses to educate the rider.
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    Welcome to the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara
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    Pan Am Games jump
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    Triple Brush on Pan Am course
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    Getting to know the lay of the land and plan the course
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    Golf themed jumps
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    Wishing Well
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    Water Complex
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    Water Trough with running water
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    Banks Complex
Course Design Award
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  • Some of the courses John designed
    Pan American Games, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011
    Central American Championships, 2017
    Central American Caribbean Games, 2014
    Jersey Fresh (CCI** 2003-2017; CCI*** 2005-2017; CIC*** 2007-2017; CIC** 2008-2017)
    Virginia Horse Trials CCI*, CIC** 2013-2017
    Antigua, Guademala CCI** 2011
    Huisquilucan, El Mirador, Mexico CIC** 2009-2011
    Bonza, Boyaca, Colombia CCI**, CCI* 2011
    El Salto San Bartolo, Mexico CCI**, CCI* 2009-2010
    Valencia, Venezuela CCI** 2011
    Santa Lucia, Mexico CCI** 2011
    Otter Creek CIC**, CIC* 2008-2010
    Greenwood Farm CIC**, CIC* 2006-2016
    Trinity River CIC**, CIC* 2004-2005
    Huisquilucan, El Mirador, Mexico CIC* 2005
    Rocking Horse CIC* 2001
    Southern Pines CIC**, CIC* 2007
    American Eventing Championship, 2015 (novice to advanced)